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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bleach Update

Hey everyone, as you may know I haven't been around lately, well its mostly because that there haven't been any Bleach updates until recently, which is today. The manga and the English Dubbed Episode were both released this morning, but I am posting them up now because I had Soccer Practice, and I just got back, you might not know this, but Soccer is my life, I can't live without Soccer I have played it my whole life, and if you guys don't believe me, but I am a very, very good at it, like I'm not a defender, but I am a mid-fielder, and trust me my moves are slick, I can get past anyone, well so far I can get past anyone. So back to the point, here is the link to Bleach Manga Chapter 446. Bleach Manga Chapter 446
Here is the link to Bleach English Dubbed Episode 202. Bleach English Dubbed Episode 202

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