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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Report Card

Hey everyone as promised I am going to post my marks and here they are:
Social Studies-87%
Language Arts-70%

As you can see that I am no "nerd", I just like to do good in school, but if I was a nerd then I would get over 90% in almost everything, but I am just a good student thats all.
Also if you didn't notice for when I post new Bleach Updates here are the days that I post them, so these are the days you should be on the lookout for new Bleach releases.
Tuesdays-Bleach English Subbed Episodes
Wednesdays-Bleach Manga Chapters
Sundays-Bleach English Dubbed Episodes

NOTE: These are the days in CANADA that new Bleach releases are released. So if you live in another country or DIFFERENT TIME ZONE these releases would most likely be released on different days.

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